Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Well I Never

will get this book apparently.


Nice of them to let me know, but sweet baby cheeses, I hope I'm still here when it arrives...

Willpower. I Have None.

My older daughter, who is a knitter, has been visiting and I decided we should go visit Eat, Sleep, Knit in Smyrna. Just to introduce HER to the shop, you understand. I've been there before. I was just the driver.

I used to have an LYS where I went to knit nights, but the owner discontinued them. I can buy yarn anywhere, and I'm not about to drive out of my way to go there to knit when I have no idea when other knitters might stop by during the day; we came from a very widespread area in and around Atlanta. So there are no knit nights where I used to fondle yarns, look at what others were knitting and get enabled inspired. ESK has become my shop of choice when I need to TOUCH yarn I might want to buy. They have more yarn than any shop I've ever been to.

So off we went to ESK. I am really, really certain that there must be a way to get there without going on the interstates. I just don't know where that way is. Both the Garmon and Google maps kept pointing us to I 75 and 285.  

NO! replied Knittergran, who, it must be said, has very little geographical sense. So I kept going hither-and-yon trying to find the way that MUST exist, and ended up, both going and returning, on the aforementioned interstates, strictly out of desperation (and because I was lost).  


So, even though only my daughter was going to buy yarn, I somehow ended up with two skeins of yet more sock yarn. I promised myself that they would not end up as socks, since I already have a lot of socks, and an even larger amount of sock yarn. What they will be I can't yet say. Ravelry searches will occur.

You tell me that you could have resisted these gorgeous colors from Hedgehog Fibres:

Color:  Medusa

Color:  Pod

If you do say you could have resisted, I refuse to believe you, unless you are not a fiber artist, like me. (I was once actually called that! But I demurred. I'm nothing if not humble.)

Monday, July 18, 2016

I Am At The

Visual equivalent of trying to understand someone speaking in a foreign language.

My grandchildren seem to understand it though.

FANDOM. It's not for adults.

(I had thought it was a shop carrying sports-related items.)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Knitting and Swearing

And I swear I don't swear, usually.

But I am knitting this:

 The Shelby Stole, not the chair.  hahaha

 Pretty lace, right?

I am starting to think that I do not LIKE knitting lace. This is the yarn:

Skinny, skinny yarn

Henry's Attic Yarn Barn "Cascade Petite"

And this is my project so far. 

Mistakes may have been made here.  I'm not saying.

After knitting two Umaro throws with super bulky yarn on size 15 needles, I find that it's just so much more difficult and fiddly and annoying to knit on small needles with skinny yarn. And I make way more mistakes because it's just so much more difficult and fiddly and annoying. And who, in their right mind, puts yarn overs on either side of markers, I'd like to know. As a result of the yarn and the needles and the yarn-over placement, I do a lot of tinking.  A LOT of tinking. Not my fault, y'all. It's the project's fault.

So I'm beginning to think that I might not like lace-knitting. I love knitting cables, but lace?

Maybe not so much. Makes me swear. Again, not my fault.