Wednesday, June 22, 2016


WHO, I wonder, decided that all jeans must have spandex or some other stretchy fabric in them? I hate stretchy stuff in jeans, and my favorite jeans have just developed a hole. I LOVE these jeans. They fit; they are 100% cotton---no spandex, no nylon, no plastic, no rubber or whatever the #$%^& is in every pair of jeans I try on the replace them with.

Sad, amirite?

This is the south.  It's hot and stretchy fabrics are HOT to wear.  

As I hunted online for some cotton jeans that aren't ugly, I came across a link to a site titled 24 Things Women over Thirty Should Wear.  Over THIRTY??? What sort of cut-off age is thirty?

Anyway, one of the suggestions, modeled by a woman well over thirty, was this:

Torn jeans!!!

Alrighty, thought I.

Not only are they torn, but they are also white!!!  And my younger daughter said I shouldn't wear white jeans. HAH!

ALSO...I was just at Anthropologie and most of the jeans they were selling had lots of ripped areas in them. 

So I guess my blue jeans are right en vogue, y'all, and so are my newish white ones.  No spandex for me.  

Bonus! The website 24 Things Women over Thirty Should Wear concludes that they should wear, and I quote, "Whatever the f*ck they want."


Sunday, June 19, 2016

It Might Be A Slippery Slope

And if it is, I am sliding down it.

Not mine.  (Not yet.)

The first time I saw a Fairy Garden at a plant nursery, I thought: Oh c'mon.  Just how old do they think we are?  

And the next few times I came across them I thought the same.

But suddenly Oh c'mon turned into That's so cuuuute.

And yesterday I hit the bottom of the slope.

Grandchildren are visiting in July, and I thought that the youngest girl, 7, might want to "help me" put together a fairy garden, so while I was at Lakewood 400 yesterday, I bought these:

Two fairies reading a book 
A hedgehog on a leaf (the leaf is not to scale but who cares?)
A birdbath with a bird on it 
A bicycle. Fairies can FLY so I don't know why they would need a bicycle, but who cares---it's so cuuuuute.  

Part of me wants to go back up to Lakewood 400 today and get MOAR STUFF. 

It's nice here at the bottom.    

Monday, June 13, 2016

I Cheated!

I decided to make a bacon/onion quiche for dinner tonight, but it's HOT out and who needs to spend a lot of time in the kitchen? says I.

So I bought the ingredients:

Cheaters pie crust (the ONLY kind I use), cheese already shredded, and for the first time ever, pre-cooked bacon.

YAY me! Who really likes cooking bacon anyway? It's messy and then you have to clean up the mess. This bacon is a bit limp though, and I wouldn't put it on a BLT without a little more cooking, but for this? Perfect. I chopped it up, added chopped onion and celery (and I did all that chopping that MYSELF y'all; I guess I could have bought pre-chopped celery and onion. I don't really know. hmm...) and put all of it in the pan for a few minutes of sautĂ©ing.

I added the rest of the ingredients, and an hour later, voilĂ .  

It was just as good as if I'd really made it all myself.

Cheating.  As my buddy Martha would say, "It's a good thing."