Sunday, June 19, 2016

It Might Be A Slippery Slope

And if it is, I am sliding down it.

Not mine.  (Not yet.)

The first time I saw a Fairy Garden at a plant nursery, I thought: Oh c'mon.  Just how old do they think we are?  

And the next few times I came across them I thought the same.

But suddenly Oh c'mon turned into That's so cuuuute.

And yesterday I hit the bottom of the slope.

Grandchildren are visiting in July, and I thought that the youngest girl, 7, might want to "help me" put together a fairy garden, so while I was at Lakewood 400 yesterday, I bought these:

Two fairies reading a book 
A hedgehog on a leaf (the leaf is not to scale but who cares?)
A birdbath with a bird on it 
A bicycle. Fairies can FLY so I don't know why they would need a bicycle, but who cares---it's so cuuuuute.  

Part of me wants to go back up to Lakewood 400 today and get MOAR STUFF. 

It's nice here at the bottom.    

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