Sunday, May 20, 2018

Anyone know?

While I was wandering the interwebs looking for ideas for the bathroom remodel, I came across this bathtub.  We didn't want a bathtub, but this caught my attention:

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how this works. How do you get in it and more importantly, how do you get out of it?  You're wet; you're slippery.  The tub is wet; it's slippery.  

Tub designers---explain, please.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Now that I've recovered from the Papillon project, I'm starting on Free Your Fade by Andrea Mowry,

With these yarns:

Qing Fibre High Twist BFL Sock, Hummingbird

Madelinetosh Twist Light, Electric Rainbow
Qing Fibre High Twist BFL Sock, Panda
(There's a pink panda?)

I'm not sure the combination will work, but we'll see.

My problem?

It's kind of boring to knit.

I wonder if I will end up missing working on Papillon...

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Long National Nightmare is Over

Well, OK, my long local nightmare is over.  And it wasn't actually a nightmare, just an annoying process.  A long annoying process.

I finished Papillon!!!  Yay!!!  Now I don't have to knit it any longer.  Phew.

For all the knitters out there, if you love short rows, this is your project.  For knitters like me, who find short rows annoying because I can't figure out where I turned the knitting around if I lose count, so I can't then count again because I don't know where I made the wrap and turn (that might not have made sense but I know what I mean), it's an endless knit.  Almost literally.

But it's finished and blocking and all that's left is weaving in a few ends.  I can't imagine why I picked these must have been the yarn fumes at SAFF last fall.  But it's finished and it's mine.  yay?

Thursday, May 3, 2018


finished. The bathroom project is almost finished.

The punch list:

knobs on cabinets
paint the windows 
finish the end sections of the cabinets, which just came in

But this portion is finished.

The frames on the bird prints are turquoise.  They match the new towels. Because I have  mad design skilz.

The quartz countertops sort of match the floor tile. skilz.

We ran out of 15-year old tile to complete the area where the bathtub garden spa was and briefly panicked. The tile installer was brilliant: he took four squares of the shower floor tile and used them as a DESIGN. We're kindred spirits, he and I.

And the best part, the shower. I love it. It's not huge, but it's larger than the one we had.

Maybe just maybe, the rest of the project will be finished this weekend....oops...except for a light fixture I ordered from Israel that hasn't come in yet. It's Gaw-jus! (If you ever need creative lighting, go to ETSY.) 

Totally off topic---

I was in North Carolina over the weekend, and the hotel dining hall at Lake Junaluska served...tah-dah!  Parisienne carrots:

None of us had heard of them, but we checked the googles, and it turns out they grow well in some parts of France, as well as in anyplace with rocky, poor soil.  

We also had yellow carrots. They and the Parisienne carrots tasted like CARROTS!

Imagine that.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

This is Just Mean

Facebook is judging me and that is just wrong.

Apparently it thinks I do not have enough friends, and it cuts off posts with this message:

I was away over the weekend and caught a stomach bug and I come home and discover I am...according to FB...nearly friendless.  

I think I will ignore the rest of the day.