Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Spark Joy or Swedish Death Cleaning?

The bathroom remodel is in its final stages. YAY! I'm waiting for the towel bars to be installed, some prints to come back from the framers, AND I'm sorting through all the stuff that was in the old cabinets.

In her book Spark Joy, author Marie Kondo says that you hold every item you are making a decision about: keep, discard, donate, and decide if the item brings you joy. If it does, keep it. Someone gave the book to my younger daughter, and when I stayed with her during her surgery and recovery a few years ago, I read it.  

Nowhere does it discuss things like hair clips. I held one and definitely felt no joy, but I can't throw them out. Sometimes I need them.

And the little cup lid? That doesn't exactly bring me joy, but it does keep Baxter out of my water or coffee or tea, and that makes me happy, so I get to keep it, right? And tweezers and paper tape and silver cleaning cloth? No joy, but I do use them.

I have developed a technique in my own system though,  

and I think it's genius.

Anything I don't know what to do with (top photo is of my sink and cabinet area; bottom is of my husband's), I just move over to my husband's area. He can figure out if the stuff brings him joy, and then he can decide what to do with it all.

Genius, I say.

So I'm not doing the Spark Joy system, and I assume and hope, I'm not doing the Swedish Death Cleaning.

Geeze, who writes books about death cleaning???  And why?

Friday, April 6, 2018

It Depends on What the Definition of "in" is.

I was not at home last night, but my husband told me that the cabinets were "in" the bathroom.

How exciting, I thought. I pictured the cabinets with their new countertops and sink and faucets all complete.

It turned out, however, that what he meant by "in" was "in" the doorway, so that getting to the closet is still an obstacle course.

Even Supervisor Baxter had a difficult time getting into the bathroom to check out the quality of work. (He approves of the work so far, by the way.)

So we wait some more and while I wait, I look for decorating inspiration on the web.

Hmmm... I think something ne sais quoi.

Clever and appropriate for my husband since he is a cyclist,

Who comes up with something like this?
I think I'll just go with what we already planned, boring but simple.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


My friend sallyknit gave me a whole bag of black jelly beans!!!

I can eat them until I get sick. That is how much I love them.

I forgot to buy them until they were all gone.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you sallyknit!!!