Monday, October 18, 2010


I've done it again!!!!!..........$%^#$%^And here I am on row 8 or so, and I discovered that I have once again twisted the stitches. I was SO CAREFUL! I don't know how I did this AGAIN.

I know that there is a way to fix this without starting over. Jan at Knit Night did it once at a Thursday night's session and I listened to what she said, but didn't watch, and now I need to know how to fix this and I don't.

But I am NOT starting over; history shows that I will just twist the stitches again.

So I will do some research on line and in my books, and if I can't find anything I understand, I will just get to the point where the two ends joined, and do whatever it takes to untwist them. I am stronger than yarn. Maybe not smarter, but stronger.

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Sigrun said...

I know of no way to fix this once you're that far along. In case you do need to start over, sometimes it helps to knit a couple of rows back and forth, to define it better, before joining it into a round. It's no trouble to stitch up a couple of rows with the starting tail.