Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SAFF, year three


But this is the sign that greeted us at the entrance. Some very confused tractor fans must have shown up and wondered what all the yarn was doing at their tractor show....and where were the tractors???WE SAW.

Beautiful colors outside.

Beautiful yarns inside.


(We found lots of yarn that we needed. Really!)
And I learned something new.

Chart reading.

We decided to make a souvenir project---fingerless gloves, and doing that necessitated reading charts for the pattern. I have always avoided charts, but these were easy. They were for knitting in the round, so there was no reading backwards or upside down. I finished the thumb on glove one yesterday, and now I look forward to the second. They are made on size one needles and have some weird stitch combinations in them. It was intimidating the first time, but now? No problem. (I hope.)

And Anna, one of the Coven, won first prize for a beautiful scarf that she designed and knit. It was worked in double knitting, and even though I watched her work on it week after week at Thursday's Knit Nights, I still don't understand how she did it. She tried to explain it to us, but it just didn't click with me. We have all admired it and she had dismissed it as no big deal. But now she has to admit that we were right all along!

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Becca said...

"This is NOT the tractor show." That's my new motto