Saturday, November 26, 2016


I am working on the Sutter's Mill Throw even though I am supposed to be knitting a Christmas gift. When I have a deadline, even a self-imposed one, the You Are Not the Boss of Me part of my brain interrupts, and off I go in a different direction. Makes no sense since this means that my brain is arguing with itself, and I can't figure out how to bring in a third part of my brain to argue logic with the other two parts.

This is an EASY project, with super bulky yarn (Cascade Lana Grande, color 6024) and it's just too tempting to pick up and work on mindlessly. Only one row of each 18 in the pattern repeat is different so no reading or charting is required.

Isn't it bee-yu-ti-ful???!!!

And it is so soft. This is the same yarn that I used for THREE Umaro throws, and I hope the part of my brain that thought that making THREE of anything was a good idea keeps quiet. What WAS I thinking? The third one is as beautiful as the first two, but knitting it got really old really fast.

I will go back to the Christmas gift....I will go back to the Christmas gift....

probably not today, though.

Friday, November 18, 2016

This is How I

roll cook:

I need a sous-chef!

I made this:  Cottage Pie

The recipe serves 10, so I made two casseroles from it, one with cheese on top and one without for a friend who just had surgery and is lactose intolerant.

It takes FOREVER for me to get everything chopped and because the recipe is British, it also required my converting kilograms to ounces/pounds, milliliters to ounces, and centigrade to fahrenheit and BONUS, I have no idea what this means:

..heat oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7

There is too much cheese on top. It looks awful but it will taste great (I've made it before) and thank goodness for dishwashers.

But I still could use a sous-chef.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Because I Have a Sort of Odd Sense of Humor...

And for us knitters:

A knitted tin foil hat.

Dedicated to one of my daughters someone who thinks there really are space aliens among us.  

You are welcome, someone.