Monday, February 18, 2019

No Good Way Out

It would seem that there is no good solution for not looking older as we GET OLDER. I said no GOOD solution. There is plastic surgery, but that can go really, really wrong:

Or, one could die young, but that is not a solution in that no one would see you, so what's the point?

What brought this on, you may ask?  (Or you might not, I don't know.)

Watching a charming British film about a retirement home for musicians and singers.

Netflix recommended this film and we watched it on Saturday evening instead of going out in the seemingly never-ending rain and cold. It stars Pauline Collins (I remember her from Upstairs/Downstairs and Shirley Valentine), Billy Connolly ( a Scottish actor and I love listening to him speak)  Tom Courtenay, and the always-wonderful Maggie Smith, she of the wonky eye. My husband says she doesn't have a wonky eye, but he is wrong.  I ask you:

It's the right eye? The left? I don't know but one of them is off.  

She looks amazingly like my mother-in-law from a distance, when the wonky eye isn't visible.

Anyway, we enjoyed the film.  The music is primarily that of Verdi, from Rigoletto and the Mikado. The soundtrack is beautiful, the settings are beautiful---gorgeous old estate and gorgeous old grounds. Many of the actors in the movie are retired musicians and opera singers, so the talent is amazing. It's a happy story, perfect for a cold rainy night or any other night.

So, no surgery and no dying young (too late for that). We just have to look our age, I guess.  Except for hair color. And make up. And scarves (knitters' secret weapon).