Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just Because

These photographs are all from The Weather Channel:  Winter Wear of Days Gone By.

            I think he must have been a professional child model.  Look at that pose!
                                       Either that or he couldn't move in that coat.

                                                             Motor Sleighs!

                                                  A.......?......... Vehicle, that's what it is:

                                                       Very Fashionable:

                               And last but not least, my great-great Aunt Laura Parbury:

(Not really.  Never heard of her.)


Monday, November 25, 2013


When my husband and I replaced our antique Honda Accord a couple of months ago, we had the following color choices:  gray, grey, light black (gray), and dark white (gray), and, as a bonus choice---silver.

We bought a crossover SUV. Surprise!  It's gray!!!

The first few times that I tried to find my car in a parking lot were tough---ALL of the vehicles are some form of gray.  And almost ALL of the vehicles are some iteration of SUVs. 

Now, thanks to my ankle, I have a temporary handicapped parking pass hanging from the rear view mirror in the front window that allows me to find my car from the front. On the back bumper I have a magnet sticker of a ball of yarn with knitting needles in it and I can find the car when I spot that.  (It might help if I bothered to remember where I park the car

The other day in traffic, however, I spotted a very rare color choice----PINK!  A pink Cadillac! (Isn't there a song by that name?)

Of course, it's probably only available to a Mary Kay salesperson.  

But I bet that it sure is easy for her to find her car.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Ideal Doctor's Appointment

That, and having the orthopedist say:  You're fine!  Go home!

That did not happen today.  Instead it was:  Here, wear this brace at home; wear the walking cast the rest of the time; come back in four weeks.  Go to PT.

I swear, this will NEVER END!!!

Watch out, y'all.  I might be nearing a bad mood. 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To the Man Stocking Shelves at Target Yesterday


I am really, really sorry.  I know you were just doing your job, stocking shelves, and when you asked me if I was finding everything ok, you were OMG not expecting me to tell you the history of my broken ankle.  

How I broke it on October 5th and how I haven't been to a store since before then (except for an LYS).  And how I am so THRILLED to be allowed to drive again, even though I have to wear an air cast when I drive, and then I have to change back into the walking cast before I get out of the car and GAH!!!  What a nuisance! And how I won't find out until November 19th if I still need the boot, and how much I hated using crutches and thank goodness I don't have to do that anymore, and how I've had so many xrays that I might start to glow in the dark---hah hah hah--- and...

Uh oh.  

I suddenly realized that you didn't want to know ANY of this and that I was rambling on and on and on because I was so happy to be out of the house and in a place where there are ACTUAL OTHER PEOPLE!!!

You were SO polite.  When I (thank the baby cheeses) stopped talking at you, you offered that if I needed any help, I could just ask any Target employee (hoping it wouldn't be you, I'm guessing) and that if my ankle started bothering me, I should remember that there were riding electric shopping carts in the store that I could use.  

Really, you were SO nice.  Thank you.  

If you see me in your store again, you don't have to run to another aisle or into the storeroom to avoid me.  And next time, if you ask me if I am finding everything ok, I will smile, I will say yes, and I will thank you.  And I will go on my way.

I promise. 

I really, really need my life back.  
Knit, ankle bones, knit.