Monday, November 25, 2013


When my husband and I replaced our antique Honda Accord a couple of months ago, we had the following color choices:  gray, grey, light black (gray), and dark white (gray), and, as a bonus choice---silver.

We bought a crossover SUV. Surprise!  It's gray!!!

The first few times that I tried to find my car in a parking lot were tough---ALL of the vehicles are some form of gray.  And almost ALL of the vehicles are some iteration of SUVs. 

Now, thanks to my ankle, I have a temporary handicapped parking pass hanging from the rear view mirror in the front window that allows me to find my car from the front. On the back bumper I have a magnet sticker of a ball of yarn with knitting needles in it and I can find the car when I spot that.  (It might help if I bothered to remember where I park the car

The other day in traffic, however, I spotted a very rare color choice----PINK!  A pink Cadillac! (Isn't there a song by that name?)

Of course, it's probably only available to a Mary Kay salesperson.  

But I bet that it sure is easy for her to find her car.


Suburban Correspondent said...

It's an excellent song (at least, if you like Bruce Springsteen):

Anonymous said...

I ended up with one of those grey cars and I agree it is hard to distinguish them. Next car is going to be a better color - tho not pink- even if I have to take it to one of those places that paint cars! Mary Kay can't have a monopoly on the color, right?