Friday, April 6, 2018

It Depends on What the Definition of "in" is.

I was not at home last night, but my husband told me that the cabinets were "in" the bathroom.

How exciting, I thought. I pictured the cabinets with their new countertops and sink and faucets all complete.

It turned out, however, that what he meant by "in" was "in" the doorway, so that getting to the closet is still an obstacle course.

Even Supervisor Baxter had a difficult time getting into the bathroom to check out the quality of work. (He approves of the work so far, by the way.)

So we wait some more and while I wait, I look for decorating inspiration on the web.

Hmmm... I think something ne sais quoi.

Clever and appropriate for my husband since he is a cyclist,

Who comes up with something like this?
I think I'll just go with what we already planned, boring but simple.

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