Thursday, May 3, 2018


finished. The bathroom project is almost finished.

The punch list:

knobs on cabinets
paint the windows 
finish the end sections of the cabinets, which just came in

But this portion is finished.

The frames on the bird prints are turquoise.  They match the new towels. Because I have  mad design skilz.

The quartz countertops sort of match the floor tile. skilz.

We ran out of 15-year old tile to complete the area where the bathtub garden spa was and briefly panicked. The tile installer was brilliant: he took four squares of the shower floor tile and used them as a DESIGN. We're kindred spirits, he and I.

And the best part, the shower. I love it. It's not huge, but it's larger than the one we had.

Maybe just maybe, the rest of the project will be finished this weekend....oops...except for a light fixture I ordered from Israel that hasn't come in yet. It's Gaw-jus! (If you ever need creative lighting, go to ETSY.) 

Totally off topic---

I was in North Carolina over the weekend, and the hotel dining hall at Lake Junaluska served...tah-dah!  Parisienne carrots:

None of us had heard of them, but we checked the googles, and it turns out they grow well in some parts of France, as well as in anyplace with rocky, poor soil.  

We also had yellow carrots. They and the Parisienne carrots tasted like CARROTS!

Imagine that.


Jono said...

The bathroom looks too nice to use as a bathroom. Tasty vegetables!

Sallyknit said...

Love the shower! And the bird pictures.