Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Knitter Doth Whine Too Much

Yes, I admit it. I did whine more than a little about knitting all the loops that Shaun required. I tried to get older daughter to knit the loops for me, but she apparently:

a. is not easily fooled

b. remembers Tom Sawyer

But once I stopped whining about all the loops and started knitting all the loops, the project didn't really take very long. I sort of got the knack of making the loops more and more quickly.

So now Shaun is finished and perched over my only teapot. I usually make tea with teabags, but maybe I will have to become more traditional.......


hokgardner said...

He's awfully cute!

Becca said...


Ann in NJ said...

He is JUST adorable!