Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not Your Grandmother's Knitting

Unless you had a very cool, ahead-of-her-times grandmother.

Yesterday was both Worldwide Knit in Public Day AND the first ever International Yarn Bombing Day, and so of course, several of our Thursday night Knit Night crew were out and about, doing our best to celebrate both of these very important events.

Sallyknit won best yarn bombing item with this cute mouse, which we attached to the downspout of a gutter at the back corner of a canoe store. The store itself is on a corner of the main street, so the mouse is very visible

Monster paw and chain cover: Crochet square:
Pole cover:

Our "We were here" mark:
There was more, much more. Madame Rella, Lucille, Sallyknit, and I had a great time knitting, crocheting and installing yarn bombs. The odd thing was that even though we were doing this in full view of all the people window-shopping, eating and drinking at tables along the sidewalks outside of restaurants, almost NO ONE commented or asked us what we were doing. One woman was getting out of a car as we were installing the mouse on the downspout. She glanced at us and looked away quickly as if she were embarrassed that she had seen us. As if she had seen something she wasn't intended to see. We told her that she was fine, that she could watch, but she walked away.

Then we realized, maybe people were embarrassed FOR us.

What are those crazy old ladies doing???

Having fun, that's what!

And if you happen to be walking along Canton Street in Roswell, Georgia, look around. You never know what you might find.


Mary said...

I saw the chain cover and monster paw today and smiled big - GREAT yarn bomb!!!

Becca said...

heck thats what ageing is all about, you stop caring if people are embarrassed for you!

Susan said...

Yarn bombing looks like a lot of fun to this old gal.