Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Evenings in Paris with Old Lady Arms

My Texas daughter has spent much too much time looking through weird catalogs, considering the weird things for sale.  The rest of the family hopes she puts them in the recycling bin before bad things happen.

However, I just received a copy of the Vermont Country Store catalog and I found a couple of memories.  First of all, there is this:

What a miracle!!!  Just 30 minutes a day with these wraps and double chins and jiggly arms are gone!

And jiggly arms remind me of my sister:
She is the child on the left.  Isn't she cute?  Red hair, freckles.  And everyone who saw her said,"Isn't she cute?"  I heard this over and over and over...

We were at our elementary school one day so that my mother and my sister's teacher could discuss something.  (Probably how cute she was........)

Suddenly my sister said to her teacher, "My sister wants to know what that stuff is that hangs down from your arm."  Oh, great.  Implicate me.  I am sure I had wondered nothing of the sort.  I was a kind child.

My mother was suitably horrified.  And my sister wasn't so cute right then.

Now on to something sort of related.

We only had one "department" store - a dime store - in the town I grew up in and it sold Evening in Paris perfume. Thanks to how cheap it was and how many students bought it at Christmas time for their teachers, they must have sold a lot of it.  I don't remember what it smelled like, but that cobalt blue bottle with the fancy silver label indicated to us that it was VERY special stuff.  

If the teachers held on to their stash of this perfume (and they are still alive), I guess they could sell it for a nice sum now; the current price is $49.00.

Maybe my daughter can find some on Ebay in case her children need teacher gifts.

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Sigrun said...

Good memories for me, too.