Saturday, March 9, 2013

Before It Is No More

I was reading on a forum on Ravelry about knitters who still had sweaters they had made decades ago, and it reminded me of one I made in the late 60s, when I was in college.  It took me ten months to make and about ten minutes to ruin.  I did wear it for a few years in between the two events, but when, in my later 20s, I decided I really didn't need to take it to be dry-cleaned, that I could wash it myself in cold water, IN THE WASHING MACHINE, well, that was the end of the sweater as a sweater.

I have taken a few pictures to remember it by, before it becomes a pillow.

The Sweater:

                                                                The Inspection:

What's Under Here?

Must Kill This:
It will soon BE killed, but by me, not by Molly.

I can't believe I was so dumb?  Uninformed?  Young, naive and arrogant?  (This will work because I say it will work.)  All of those, I suppose.

Anyone know of good uses for the sleeves?


sallyknit said...

Yes, you can make fingerless mitts out of them. I will show you mine Thursday.

Ann in NJ said...

Beautiful sweater. Wool is an unforgiving mistress, though. Will make a beautiful pillow and the fingerless mitt idea is great.