Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Not My Fault!

See the cute bunny?

SallyKnit made a dozen or so of them and let knitters choose their favorite at last week's Knit Night. The bunnies hide Cadbury creme eggs inside.  

I had never had one, even though my children have had many of them and love them. I knew there was imitation egg yolk and white in them ..... euwwww........

However, I craved chocolate the other day and ate the one in the bunny. I HAD to buy a replacement, but they come in boxes of four. So I bought four, replaced the one I had eaten, and ate a second one.  Yummmm.......... All those years, I was wrong.

I told my husband that he could eat them as well, but he said that he doesn't like creme fillings.

So they are MINE, all MINE, and it's SallyKnit's fault and my husband's fault that I will have to eat all four.  

Really! What else could I do?


Suburban Correspondent said...

I totally understand this problem.

Sallyknit said...


Pearl said...

Packs of four.

That's how they get ya.