Saturday, May 3, 2014


Spring Bouquet/Lijuan Jing/Jojoland Crown 100% Cashmere


I started this Spring Bouquet lace scarf so many years ago that I don't remember how long ago it was. I bought the pattern and yarn at the Old Oaks Ranch and Fiber Arts Center in Wimberley, TX and it is not even in business as a yarn shop any longer. I think I was there pre-Elizabeth, and she is now five years old. So the project has been in limbo for quite a while.

I just pulled it out of its time-out to work on it again.  It is not a difficult pattern, especially when compared to the pattern for Currant, the many-cabled sweater I made for my daughter. When I first worked on this pattern, I was completely confused by the chart and there are now so many mistakes in this that I can't make it work.  I tried.  For ten rows or so. But where there were supposed to be 31 stitches, there were sometimes 30, sometimes 28. Never 31.  I tried adding random yarn overs to make up the count, but that didn't work either and I still wouldn't have 31.  Where did the stitches go?

I have no idea.  

So starting over is the solution, I hope.  I don't consider it giving up; I think of it as correcting mistakes.

Many, many mistakes.  

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Betsy said...

That is beautiful! I hope you can remember what you were doing.

And, thank you for reading my blog and all your kind comments.