Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Google

I read the other day that knowing things is becoming extinct.  Why? Because of Google, that's why.  

What's the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Google it.
Who played Marianne in Gilligan's Island? Google it. 
What the heck was Gilligan's Island?  Google it. (You young punk.  Get offa my lawn!)

No need to know anything? I wonder if it's true. 

Anyway, since we are speaking of the Google, I also learned about this site and I am sharing it with you. (You are welcome!) You can enter any name and find out what Google thinks about that person.  

I googled my real name, and Google claimed to know nothing about me.  That's good, I think.

I googled Knittergran and this is what Googlism said:

Knittergran is not alone.

I don't know whether this means:

a.  I am not alone because I have readers. Yay!
b.  I am not alone because there is a stalker. Ummmm....
c.  I am not alone, and neither is anyone, because, well, WE are not alone. 

b and c are potentially creepy, except that it's only on the interwebs. Right?

But I guess, no matter what it means, it's reassuring (?) that I am not alone. 

Mulder? Scully? Hello? 


Susan said...

The site doesn't seem to be working - maybe all your readers crashed it?

sallyknit said...

It found nothing under my name either but sallyknit came up with "sallyknit is making one" Weird!