Saturday, August 30, 2014

Is My Daughter Crazy?

Here she is with her youngest daughter, who just started kindergarten.  Doesn't LOOK crazy, does she?

But, in spite of having four kids:
Hi best grandchildren ever!

One Black Lab:
Hi Feebee!

One hedgehog:
Hi Wembley!

And one hermit crab (which dH and I have NEVER seen, in all our visits, and which I think might not actually exist---hence no photo),

she just texted to say that she and the kids are on the way to the animal shelter to pick out, not one, but TWO kittens!

So yes, she might be crazy, but since I love kittens and cats and dogs, she could only be crazy in a GOOD way.  

And now I have to visit so that I can play wid da cay-uuute widdle kitties.


Meet Lucy and Milo!!!