Sunday, January 18, 2015

Time to Frog


When I pulled out my very organized knitting project (hah!) at last week's knit night, I discovered that I had left the YARN home. I had finished one sock and was going to start the second at knitting.

Well, no problem!  Knit night is held in a yarn shop. So I bought a skein of sock yarn and started on a new pair. The label looked familiar, and I realized that it was the same brand as in the socks I had left the yarn for at home. Score! Because I love the yarn.

Yup, same brand, but different yarn. I didn't discover this until yesterday when I realized that one sock was not like the other; it was much larger. Ooops.  

Sallyknit read the labels, and the gauge for one yarn was quite different from the other. I should have used fewer stitches and maybe one size larger needles.  

So now I frog. I really need to:

a. read labels
b. make gauge swatches (probably not going to happen)

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Sigrun said...

Hate when that happens.