Thursday, May 28, 2015

totally random

Seen yesterday on our drive through West Hollywood. There are a lot of Scientology buildings here, and while we felt a mysterious force pulling at us, we were strong and kept on driving.

And it's a good thing because plans for today included going to the BEACH!!! The BEACH!!! My favorite place on earth.  

In case you didn't see the previous post of the gorgeous beach and ocean, it's right below this one.

However, across the street from the ocean are these views:

Do you see the debris tumbling down the ravine in the first photo? It's stuff that used to be on the road above, and across the road are very expensive homes and condos. The second photo is of the support structures holding the road above up. But the soil is washing away and I'm glad I don't own any of the homes up there. What an amazing view they have until the land all falls away.  

On the way back to my daughter's apartment, we go by this ...shrine? home? art installation?

I don't know, but there is a man who lives under a tarpaulin and sits out sometimes in a battered upholstered armchair of indeterminate color.  

I've seen him sitting in his chair and I've seen him tending his installations. My daughter says that friends have stopped to offer him bottled water and sunscreen. He yelled and threw rocks at them. My daughter has asked him how he was doing and he has responded: Oh, you know. Just working on my script. Alrighty then.

I would love to interview him, but this whole thing, his home I guess, is situated on a sliver of land between two roads. There is no place to stop or park without going a block or so away and then walking over to see him. Getting rocks thrown at me is not an inducement to put in the effort, so I'll just say hi as I wait at the light.  

At the end of the area, where the turn is, and where I was today when the light turned green, is a trash can with Coin Toss hand lettered on it. It would take really good aim to get anything in it, but as my daughter said, he is very likely to go pick up what misses. Next time I'm there and have a red light, I'll give it a try.

We are having perfect weather, and I hear that Georgia is hot, rainy and humid. I think I'll have to stay a few more days.  

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