Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Have Been Vindicated!!!!!

We are back from a wonderful vacation in Ireland, which I will get to once I'm no longer jet-lagged.  Bleah...

However, for the benefit of all those people who struggle to get some exercise by walking/running on a treadmill, I now have proof that it is just and right to hate the *&a(^mp;* things. 

They were invented for punishment, y'all!

Want proof? Here it is:

Kilmainham is Gaelic for Dublin Prison, approximately

This is from the Dublin Prison, a horrid place and it's hard to believe that humans treat each other in such a way as to put others in such a horrid place. But there you are.

The treadmill was used for hard labor aka punishment in prisons. Fortunately the things kept breaking, but of course the powers-that-be came up with replacement punishment.

So, I hate, hate, hate using a treadmill and therefore, I don't; it is punishment disguised as exercise.



This is what written Irish looks like:  

Probably too small to read easily, but in the Republic of Ireland, all of the signs are in Gaelic (Irish) first and English second.  

Translating signs into English is quite often not that helpful. If I can't pronounce the Irish, I probably can't pronounce the English:

Go ahead. You try. And let me know what these words sound like, OK?

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