Friday, October 7, 2016

My Poor Brooklyn Tweed Yarn

I've just frogged my Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn, AGAIN. I had swatched and swatched and swatched this yarn in order to get the right gauge for a sweater I wanted to knit, but the swatches all lied and I had to rip out the first incarnation of the sweater. I changed needle size, got a drape I liked in the yarn, but still didn't like the way the sweater was working out. So I've frogged the whole thing, including the twisted rib beginning of the sweater and sleeves. I  thought I might soak the hank because the yarn is all squiggly, and I still might, but I'm putting it all in a time-out and maybe everything will behave better next time.

Now, on to Ireland and the UK. I first wandered around England, Scotland and Wales with my husband, and then joined my sister in Ireland.  So---photos!

Sweaters for sale were everywhere, and ON sale too, which seems odd timing considering winter should be on its way. I saw this neck border on several sweaters and loved it, so I investigated.  It is knit separately from the sweater and then attached to the neckline.  I may try it out someday.

This is a bike outside of this cute little shop in Derry. All the knitted goods inside were for children younger than my grandchildren, who live in hot Texas anyway, so I didn't buy anything here but it was fun to look at all the gorgeous knitting. Some of Edel MacBride's patterns are available on Ravelry.

Photos in no particular order:

Who says it's always raining in the UK and Ireland???

The view of the back of Kilkenny Castle:

A portion of the wall around the city of Derry/Londonderry. 

Just some of the oddly shaped rock formations at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

A hurdy-gurdy player in Galway.  I had never seen one before and had to google it to find out what it is:

An old school at the entrance area to the Giant's Causeway:

Complete with the iconic red phone booth. We saw one of these in London painted black and with a sign indicating that it is now a source for WIFI. 

A pretty street---I don't remember where it is and the new iPhoto program no longer identifies location for photos. Either that or I have some setting wrong.

Another street.....somewhere.

Sheep wandering wherever they want:

A quaint view from a hotel window near Dublin.  hahaha.  Wind turbines are everywhere, and I imagine that with all the windy days they have, these are a good source of electricity.

More to come.


Runner Dude said...

The first street scene is in Dingle.

Runner Dude said...

Follow up. The first street picture is Strand Street, Dingle, Ireland

Runner Dude said...

The second un-named street is London St in Derry. Picture taken from the atop the city wall at Artillery St. I found this using Google St. View.