Friday, January 27, 2017

Speaking of Decorating

I suppose someone, somewhere, was. 

This is our latest project:

Doorway to dining room

Doorway to living room


Attractive, right?

You, too, could have this trendy decor with just a few pieces of lattice from your local big box home improvement store and a saw.

We have a cat who has decided that the carpet in the dining room is a good place for, uh, solid waste. We put a litter box in there to encourage him to use that, but for solids, there's no place like the rug apparently.The rug is currently off being cleaned and this barrier keeps him out of the dining room. Where I didn't want a litter box anyway. He is supposed to use the one in the laundry room or the one in the basement, and now he is. The question is: will he continue using those once the rug is back and the barriers are down.

Cross your fingers for us, please???  

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Sallyknit said...

You could decorate it with yarn!