Thursday, March 9, 2017

So I Finished

these $%^& socks. 

I don't usually swear at projects AFTER I've finished them; I usually swear at a project during the process when things aren't going well.  But these have taken almost a year to finish.

from my Ravelry project page

In my defense:

                             a.  knitting is not a job

                             b. I made four blankets in the meantime. And a scarf, I think.

So here they are, made from Gale's Art, Graffiti and Asphalt colorway:

See?  Skinny needles.

I made these on size 1 needles, and I really do not like knitting on size 1's.  The yarn is so fine, meaning thin, that my usual size 2's made a very loose fabric. I do love the colors in this yarn though.

FINALLY!  Finished.  

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Suburban Correspondent said...

Pretty! I have to use 0's when I do socks. I do two at a time, though - makes it go faster.