Thursday, August 24, 2017

I Did It!

The pattern for Seychelles, which intimidated me for four years, turned out to be really easy, especially after two cabled sweaters I made.

Each of these sweaters has patterning on the wrong sides of the knitting as well as on the right sides. It was a lot to keep track of!

The Seychelles wrong side rows were always just purl stitches. A breeze, and there were only 41 stitches per row, and only 20 rows per repeat section. 19 repeats but still, they were easy, so easy that I could work on them while I watched the new season of Endeavour. Yay! I love Endeavour, the prequel to the dull Inspector Morse series; the main character, the older Morse, was depressed, and I suppose he was such an effective actor that he made the show .... depressing. I never finished watching the series.

Anyway, here is the beaded lace portion of the project.

Now all that remains is to pick up a million zillion! stitches along the non-beaded side of this lace and knit the stockinette part of the wrap. There are (shudder) short rows to keep track of, but I think that is as complicated as the rest of the project gets.

This will be the most delicate thing I've ever had to block, and I think that will be a bit challenging. I'll be afraid I'll break the fine thread-like yarn!


thelma said...

Those two cardigans are so pretty, well done. We watched Endeavour last night, there is a certain drabness to Morse's life when he was young as well, but the storylines are good, last night was about a 'disappeared' botanist. Only one death which was a bit unusual, nothing can compare with Midsomer Murders and bodies though.

knittergran said...

The body count is amazing on Midsomer Murders, isn't it. They are all on Netflix so I have been watching them in order, and just got to the John Barnaby episodes. Surprised there is anyone alive in the area for him to protect or arrest!