Monday, September 13, 2010

The Sasha Skirt, part whatever

First to answer a question from a friend: The skirt weighs two pounds, four ounces. Yes, it IS heavy. Really heavy. It tries to slide down.

Comments on my skirt:

Nice ones from Sigrun and Susan-thank you!

From dH:

Whatever you wear with it, wear it untucked. Wearing it tucked in makes you look (and I quote here) matronly. And like you have a dishtowel wrapped around your waist.

That's a hand-knit dishtowel to you, buddy.

And from my friend in WVA, whom we are visiting in October: Where would you wear such a thing?

I responded: How about in WVA?

She answered: Well, dH and I will drop you off at McDonalds and we'll go to (a nice restaurant).

My response: Well, that's OK. McDonalds has nice salads now.

for Heaven's Sake!

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hokgardner said...

I showed Heidi the picture of the skirt, and she loves it. She also recommended that you find some sort of wide, clunky belt to wear with it.