Friday, September 10, 2010

The Sasha Skirt

Formerly known as the Satan Skirt.

It resided for a long time in Time Out, but now I have discharged it. I'm over all the trauma of knitting it and frogging it and knitting and frogging and knitting and frogging....phew.

So, this is it. I haven't figured out what to wear with it (certainly NOT flip flops) until the weather gets cooler and I can add a jeans jacket which will cover up whichever not-quite-right top I put on.

I won't be making another one, this much I do know.


Sigrun said...

For the project from hades, it sure turned out beautifully. Actually, I think the flip flops look OK with it (for summer). Because my downloads are so slow, I often don't wait for pictures when I read my favorite blogs--but I had to wait for this one--played 2 games of Spider Solitaire while waiting.☺☺

Susan said...

I think the skirt turned out really cool. I look forward to seeing how you complete the outfit.