Sunday, December 5, 2010

Obsessed I Am

Is that the title of a Dr. Seuss book?

Maybe not.

But if I WERE obsessed, which I am not, how could anyone blame me?

Look at this yarn (Malabrigo Rasta Arco Lily). The colors are gorgeous!!! And this is what the yarn becomes---even more gorgeous!!!This is the sixth---and possibly final---cowl.

Yes, I have made six, but only two are for me. The rest are gifts.


And for inquiring minds, the final installment of Baxter vs Miss Babs:

The yarn has reappeared. DH found it Thursday night while I was at Knit Night. He said it wasn't a pretty sight, and I have taken his word on this.

So, Baxter: 1/Miss Babs: 0. Whew.


Mary said...

seed stitch + rasta = fabulous truly proves that 1+1=4, right? (and good news about baxter. whew for sure!)

Knitty Chris said...

I LOVE the colors! and the way it knits....sooo pretty!!

Christine said...

I actually made TEN of these -- ad all of them in Rasta. Cool, eh?