Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter in the ?South?

That's ice, more than we've ever had before, on our little pond.

Poor fishies.....

And snow!!!! Look at all the snow!!!!

But I exaggerate.

That is not from-the-sky snow. It is from-my-neighbor's snow-maker snow. When it stays below freezing for an extended time, he makes snow for the kids to play in. I can always tell when the kids are home from school from all the racketing of their sliding down the hill on whatever they can find. They have a blast, and I love watching them.

From the window of my warm house.


Becca said...

for a second I thought that was actual snow! but wow that is cold for you huh?

Susan said...

Did he make the ice on the pond too? (Just Kidding)