Monday, February 28, 2011

Gimme Shelter!

said knittergran, and here it is! Older daughter called me from Hill Country Weavers a week or so ago and said, "I'm standing in front of Shelter. Would you like some?" Well, yes, please! And here it is - it arrived in today's mail. Color: wool socks. I love it and it's going to be the Juneberry Triangle by Brooklyn Tweed.

BUT, it arrived just as I had finally conquered the Summit Shawl instructions. Yay! I ripped out what I had done over the weekend and started over. Success!

Now I'm sure that the Shelter yarn and the Tess Designer Yarns Raw Silk will have to battle for my attention. But this should be easy, juggling these two projects, since the Summit Shawl is said by some knitters on Ravelry to be boring, and the Juneberry Triangle has five different charts and looks pretty intimidating to me. So I can switch back and forth, as the spirit moves me, of course.


hokgardner said...

On the one hand, I think "I can't believe she took pictures of her yarn!" But on the other hand, I think "Wait, I've done that, too."

Susan said...

You knitters are an interesting bunch! But I relate because I get excited over pretty tile and glass when I find it for my mosaic projects...