Sunday, February 20, 2011

Key Scenes Seen in the Keys


(Not really)

The Florida Keys were not what I had expected: miles and miles of almost-identical hotels, condos and resorts. I had not realized that there simply isn't enough land most of the way down Highway 1 to build much of anything on. So there are instead miles and miles of mangroves, walking and biking trails, and small beaches:
There were things I did expect however.
Beautiful houses:

Colorful houses:

All in a row:


A four-point Key Deer, an endangered species with land set aside for its safety and survival. This deer wasn't even as tall as my shoulders.

Flocks of ibis, lots of pelicans, but almost no shorebirds or gulls. Apparently even they go farther south for the winter, although for us humans, the Keys were lovely.

Some, maybe it should be called vintage:

Roosters and chickens run loose in Key West, and everyone just seems to know to look out for them:

This rooster was chasing a female who had found a flattened lizard and who clearly did not want to share.

Signs I liked:

And how clever of Margaret to have opened a launderette, just a couple of blocks away from her Dad's winter White House:
Her Dad:

Pink taxis:

Beautiful boats:

Beautiful flowers---in FEBRUARY!

Sculpture for sink legs:

Mile zero marker for Highway One:

And the southernmost point in the US. (I could see Cuba! From my car!)

All in all, a lovely trip. Warm, soft salt air. Fish twice a day. Margaritas and pina coladas. (who's counting?) Sunshine every day but one.