Wednesday, April 6, 2011


said Henrietta (or is it Hermione---I don't remember) as I lifted her up off the counter where she had landed after being brutally shoved off the top of the refrigerator, by? Who else?BAXTER!!!!!

Oh, no.... My world has shifted on its axis. Baxter can apparently get to the top of the refrigerator now. I have to find a new place to keep my purse because he loves chewing on the leather ties that hang from the zippers. Rats....

And I don't remember what I decided to name my poor hen but I do remember a story that goes with the name Hermione. My oldest granddaughter, who loves the Harry Potter series, came into the living room a couple of years ago when there was a promotional piece on TV about the newest movie. Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, was being interviewed. My granddaughter said, "Why is Hermione on TV?"

Her mother said, "Her name is Emma Watson. She is an actress and she PLAYS Hermione in the movies."

After considering this for a moment, my granddaughter said, "Wow. They found someone who looks just like Hermione."

Amazing, how it works out that way.


Becca said...

the indignities inflicted upon that poor hen!!!

hokgardner said...

It's Henrietta.