Tuesday, April 26, 2011

False Alarm

I was sitting at my computer this morning when I heard the doorbell ring and then a loud knock on the door. I thought: My Claudia Hand-painted yarn for my skirt is here!!! Yay!!! I was in my jammies (Oh, hush. Let she who has not been in her jammies at 11:00 cast the first chocolate croissant----please.) so I didn't go to the door right away.

Someone left this:

It was addressed to my neighbor at 5545. I live here:

(Note the pollen)

So whoever left the package put a question mark on the label, and then left it right below the five-inch high numbers which should have told him he was at the WRONG ADDRESS.

It's not nice to get old knitters all excited about a yarn delivery.....


Murr Brewster said...

Hey, I used to be a letter carrier. You've been introduced to our Get To Know Your Neighbors program. You're welcome.

Susan said...

So there is actually a 5545 and they left it at your door? Geez - that is a nightmare to the company that ships stuff because the delivery company will swear it was delivered and if the neighbor holds on to it the company has to replace it running costs up. (Can you tell I used to do that for a living?!)