Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

in the human heart (or something like that).

I've been working on this Owlet sweater since Thursday evening's knit night, and it's going along really quickly, in spite of the fact that I had to start over six inches into the first attempt after I discovered that I wasn't even close to getting gauge.

It still looks small, but measures out to the specifications, so far. I am counting, as always, on the miracle of blocking to make it just the right size for granddaughter Elizabeth. Otherwise, I'll ask her mother to send it along to someone smaller. I'm not taking it out! Again!

And now, for something completely different, this is an albino alligator I saw last weekend at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Creepy? Fascinating?

I vote fascinating, but it's a good thing someone put him in the aquarium. He sure could not survive in the wild for long---he's not good at camouflage!

And for inquiring minds---these pictures were taken with my iPhone and when I opened my computer after Friday's class at Apple, there they were, in my computer! It's magic, I tell you, pure and simple magic!

And a little help from the Geniuses at Apple.


Sigrun said...

Lucky granddaughter!
Lucky alligator!
Great i-phone feature!

Susan said...

We have an albino alligator at the Science Center in SF, too.

I took my first phone photo at the scene of an accidnt and had a heck of a time figuring out how to getit off the phone and to the insurance company - your combo sure sounds great!