Monday, June 11, 2012

Publix Thanks Pioneer Woman

Or at least they should.

Yesterday, in a fit of rainy day boredom, I downloaded PW's list of things she keeps on hand in order to be able to make a meal without going to the grocery store. I hate going to the grocery store, and as a result, I go there more often than I'd like. I'm not organized, can't figure out in advance what to cook and go to the store almost daily when inspiration hits...if it hits. If it doesn't hit, I still end up at the store wandering the aisles, looking for inspiration. Or I go to Fresh Market and buy something that just needs the minimum of preparation.

Today I went through the list and bought the things that apply to my cooking. My pantry is nearly full. Maybe this system will work.

In preparation for this shopping extravaganza, I dug all my reusable grocery bags out of the trunk. I have lots of bags, not because I'm such a good environmentalist, but because I generally forget to take them into the store and then buy more. So I have a lot, and from a lot of different stores, including my local UPS store. And a couple from Mexico. I've decided that if I keep them on the passenger seat of my car I am less likely to forget them.

We'll see......

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Mary said...

this made me smile...especially because lately I can't even keep the basics like lemon juice and jalapenos on hand. I think I need an empty nester system for grocery shopping. ree drummond doesn't know about that!