Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rainy Day Ramblings

It's raining, thank goodness! We have had so many years of drought that it is nice to have rainy days...whole days of rain.

So I have nothing much to report. It's a day to stay in pajamas all day, although I did shower and get dressed, but I didn't make the bed---yet---so there's that bit of laziness.

I saw in yesterday's AJC a comment from someone: Crabby people should, instead of complaining about whatever, say nice things to three people each day. I don't write about philosophies, politics, religion or anything else deep; there are already people who do that better than I ever could, but I do think that if crabby people (and non-crabby people, as well) did what the writer advised, a whole lot of people would be happier.

I sometimes think that I should get my cat a cat, someone besides my husband and me that he could play with. He's three years old now and still VERY playful. He needs a new victim playmate. But a friend who is a real cat-lover and who has rescued and fostered many cats, says that Baxter is the king of the house, and that he wouldn't appreciate a new cat. Baxter is an indoor cat and I think that living indoors for a cat is like a reader being told that he could only read the first page of the same book, over and over and over. Nothing more than that one page. That has nothing to do with getting Baxter a friend; it's just that I think his life is already sort of limited and poor thing, he doesn't even have a friend to share his limited life with. Just us humans.

My husband redeemed his Groupon yesterday and took a flight over the city of Atlanta in this biplane:
I bought him the coupon for Christmas, he finally redeemed it and said it was fun. Maybe that's what I should get him for every gift-giving occasion. I've given him a few duds: the race car drive he didn't take and the remote-controlled helicopter that the clerk
TOLD me not to give him. He has never successfully flown it. It is apparently very complicated, which I why the clerk advised me---repeatedly---to get him one that to me looked like a child's toy. But did I listen??? No. And every flight attempt has resulted in broken blades.

Yay for the interwebs! At Stitches South, Lucille and I bought mesh, zippered pouches which are great for various knitting supplies and you can see what is in them. Yesterday I thought that one would make a great holder for my cell phone for when (or if) I ride my bike. I have a basket, but I learned the first time I tried to ride to a destination (the library to return books) that when I fall off the bike, the stuff in the basket falls as well. Not so bad for the books, but bad for an iPhone. I looked for the label in the mesh pouch and then searched the internet. There they were! I ordered the correct size and it's already been shipped. Once I add a carabiner I'll be ready to go.

I wish I could see my grandchildren more often; they are just so much fun to spend time with. Even Elizabeth, who has in the past been referred to as the honey-badger (it's not a compliment; don't watch the video if you don't like gross, brutal nature), is no longer a honey badger; she's a DOLL. She talks all of the time and is really interesting and funny. It has been a treat to watch all four grow up and change. Soon they'll be teenagers, bored to tears when they have to spend time with their old grandparents. Do we h.a.a.a.a.v.e to???

As promised: ramblings.

The End.

Oh, I forgot to say: It is possible to spend WAY too much time on the interwebs, but in my defense, it is still raining.

The End.

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