Friday, August 17, 2012

Curse You, NPR!!!

I bet you think that the part of this project in the right top portion of the photo is a sleeve

You would be wrong. This project is a vest. Vests don't have sleeves.

Sorry for the delay. I was eating a popsicle.

Now, for the vest. I learned a very cool and neat way to cast off (sewn cast off---brilliant!) and once I finished doing that, I turned on a podcast to listen to while I sewed the side seams of the vest. I clicked on (by accident. I thought I was turning on Wiretap) Radio Lab and the participants were talking about the very interesting Argentine ants.

Yes, interesting. They migrated via ships from Argentina to New Orleans during the 1800's and now can be found all over the world. How do the evolutionary biologists know this?

Well, I'm glad you asked: they put some Argentine ants into a jar, add some mystery ants, and once they sniff each other, they either get on with whatever they had been doing (trying to escape from the jar, I suppose), or they fight to the death. The Argentine ants always win which is why they now live even in Australia. That is pretty amazing since they can't swim. The ants love our freeways and our ships, apparently, and use them to take over the ant world!

While I was learning all about Argentine ants, I was sewing the sides of the vest together. The problem is that I sewed the two side edges of the back together, making a tube and not a vest. And I did such a good job of sewing the seam, tying up the ends, and weaving them in to the fabric of the vest, that I CANNOT get the seam un-sewn.
I'm nothing if not stubborn, however, and I hope to get this problem solved before I have to take the so-called vest to knit night on Thursday and beg politely ask someone to help.

And no more listening to NPR podcasts while I knit.

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Sigrun said...

We have lots of ants too, all shapes and sizes. Wishing you all the best with the salvage operation. Stuff happens.