Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Knittergran's Peeps

Knittergran asked us to apologize for the delay in posting about her wonderful, warm, relaxing trip to Mexico.

Yesterday she had a class at Apple and learned how to do lots of things.  She also downloaded Mountain Lion software because the Genius at Apple showed her how much better her Mac would work with the upgrade.

Knittergran did wonderful, amazing things yesterday...at the store.

And then she came home, upgraded to Mountain Lion, and now she can't do much of anything because iCloud seems to have left the building and because Mountain Lion put all 4700+ photos into ONE  #$%^&*%^ event.  She has to figure out how to sort this all out, and even when she does, all of the original event titles are GONE GONE GONE.

Sorry for the shouting but Knittergran has been doing a lot of shouting and now we are a bit deaf and so we tend, we think, to shout a bit.

The only reason that our picture is here is that Knittergran took the photo with her camera/phone, e-mailed it to her Mac, downloaded it into the downloads.......

Oh, never mind.

AND the Mexico pictures are showing up in her slide show, which they AREN'T supposed to do, and Knittergran can't figure out how that is happening either.

She'll be back as soon as she recovers from yesterday's oh-so-unhelpful session with the #$%^&;*() Genius at Apple.

Poor, poor Knittergran.....

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