Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Pet

My older daughter says that she had always wanted a hedgehog as a pet, so within the past year, she bought one.  It is an odd pet to have; it is nocturnal and prefers to sleep all day.  He (she?) runs on a treadmill in its cage at night.  On Tuesday, before I left Austin, daughter took the hedgehog outside so that she could clean his/her cage.  She put the hedgehog on the lawn and told me that it loved being outside and would scoot around, look for bugs to eat, and maybe try to hide in some shrubs.

This is Wembley when daughter first put him/her on the lawn:

Now for other news.

This structure is a ways off behind the pasture behind my daughter's home.

It's very mysterious.  What is it?  Why is it there?  No one seems to know.  We even found it on Google maps, and there are no clues there either.

Frankly, it looks like Bin Laden's compound to me, and considering that it IS in Texas,  occasionally a home to crazies, I think someone should be investigating it.  I would volunteer but I'm a coward.  And I haven't yet found a road in to that area.  Because I haven't looked for one.  I told you I am a coward.

Now, back to the hedgehog.  This picture is of Wembley after he/she had been outside for about 20 minutes.
It's a very lively, entertaining and exciting pet.  

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Susan said...

Cute but not my kind of pet - my kids had hamsters that were the same way - running on the squeaky treadmill all night...