Friday, May 17, 2013

As Roseanne Rosannadanna Always Said

We are still in the process of having the kitchen cabinets re-painted.  Yesterday and today's work consisted of spraying the cabinet boxes and front frames with a top coat to protect the finishes.  The painter has used all green products up to now so there have been no fumes at all.  It's been a nice way to get the painting done.

However, the oil-based product used for the topcoat reeks of chemicals and the painter uses a gas mask, the kind you might see in a The World is Being Destroyed by ....  kind of movie.  I don't have such a mask, so I put the cats in the basement where my husband works in his office and ensconce myself upstairs in my knitting/computer/tv room with the window open and the door closed.

Today after the painter left, I opened the front door and the back door so that the fumes could go out and ruin what's left of the atmosphere and I hid in my lair.  After awhile I heard male voices, very LOUD male voices, yelling: Hello? Is anyone here? What is going on?  Things like that.  I peeked over the stair railing to see two armed, uniformed police officers in the front hall.

A neighbor, who was still in our driveway, had called the police after seeing the front door open and not getting a response when she called our names from outside of the house.

We explained everything, the neighbor identified us as the residents who do live in this house, we all laughed and now it's over.

Sweet Baby Cheeses!  Scared me to death!

It will all end on Monday.

And then my heart will go back to its normal rhythm.  I hope.


Aaannnd.... It's an hour later and I wondered why the house smelled like gas.  Turns out it WAS gas. The painter must have knocked a knob when she was cleaning up and so the stove has been spewing gas for....oh, three hours or so.

I hope we live to see Monday.

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