Sunday, May 26, 2013

Common Sense is Not So Common

so said Voltaire and he is correct.

The new refrigerator arrived Thursday.  My husband and I finished painting the kitchen and breakfast room yesterday.  We cleaned up.  The job is finished!!!

Not so fast.

Do you see the black plastic covers over the edges of the top door and bottom drawer?

Well, look what is missing here:

Yes, there is a piece missing.  Probably a 2- or 3-cent part.

My husband called GE, e-mailed the photos, and yesterday we had a reply. There is no way to order just that little plastic piece.

The GE rep has ordered us an entire new door.  Crazy!!!

Later this week, the kitchen project will be finally finished when the new door arrives. We can't blame China, or the factory in China, or a worker in China. The refrigerator was made in Kentucky.  But I suppose we can't blame Kentucky, or the factory in Kentucky, or the worker in Kentucky either.

Let's blame the designer/engineer!!!  Or the billing department?

(Or me.  You would think I would have noticed this when the refrigerator was delivered.  Nope.)


My poor cats.  Look at Molly.  She was exhausted yesterday after helping Baxter supervise the kitchen-painting.
Sound asleep.  UNDER a rocking chair.  Never a good idea.

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