Monday, July 1, 2013

And Ah Hay-ulped

Yes, I did.

Today I finished my Janus shawl (from Araucania Lontue linen/cotton yarn), which was supposed to be easy, easy, easy.

The knitting part was.

The crocheted lace?  No so much.

Knitter/crocheter/master-crafter friend Lucille volunteered to crochet the 74" of lace after she tried to teach me how to do it.  It just didn't take and this shawl would never, ever be finished if she hadn't taken on the most difficult part of the project.  74 inches!!!  Of this:

I tried.  And even though it only uses two (maybe three) different crochet stitches, I just couldn't get my brain/hand coordination to work.  And this lace border MAKES the shawl.  So that's why I say I "helped." Lucille did the most work on it.

I did do this part though and it was relatively easy:

Just a bit of picot along the opposite edge.

I love this scarf/shawl and I owe you big time, Lucille!!!

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Susan said...

So lovely and so complicated - I am in awe again!