Monday, August 5, 2013

Yard Eggs!

Deanna, who is a knitting friend who abandoned us and moved to Houston (but we forgive her), once told us about an ATT store in Louisiana where she couldn't pay her father's ATT bill but where she COULD buy yard eggs.

Yard eggs! we all said.  What the heck are yard eggs?

It turns out that they are exactly what the name says --- just eggs that people who aren't egg factories gather from their own chickens.  So by definition I suppose they are "organic" and "free range" and all those good things.

Well, I had never heard of them, but last week, as I drove down a road near me, I saw this sign.  The man who sells all sorts of farm-fresh produce there said that the eggs he sells are better for us than the ones we get from the grocery store --- no chemicals in their diets and the only feed outside of what they find on the ground is the occasional handful of cracked corn.

I am now the proud owner of yard eggs, and I feel healthier already.


Becca said...

did Jimmy crack the corn? And do you care?

Sigrun said...

I wish I were young enough to get a flock of chickens. But every time I start such a project, DH ends up looking after them--like the sheep and llama.
I wouldn't mind cleaning the barn, but carrying water is the killer on the joins. We can buy farm eggs at the farmer's market, so all is good.

Susan said...

I saw someone selling those when I was in Idaho with my sister - now I know the story!