Monday, September 9, 2013


I just watched last night's episode of Breaking Bad, after catching up on all the past episodes.

And day-um is all I can say.

But boy howdee!  Doesn't Jesse have perfect teeth!!!  You know, for a meth-head and all.

My daughters think that this should be my next birthday cake:

Except for the Bobby part.

I truly hope and pray that this cake was for an adult using a childhood nickname and not for a child whose parents are paying NO attention to what their CHILD is watching on tv.  

It's rated PG 35 people!!!



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Susan said...

Can you believe it is all going to be wrapped up in 3 episodes?

I can't imagine watching all of them in one short period of time - we have been watching since the first episode 4 years ago and they still blow me away!