Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Fiction, yo.

You do NOT want to know what they are doing.  Trust me on this.

So now I have watched all of Season 3 and have started watching Season 4.


Do NOT watch the first episode of Season 4 if you are alone.  Or don’t watch it at all.  Leave a comment asking what happened and I will tell you.  I didn’t watch it, or rather, I didn’t SEE it.  But I did hear it since I couldn’t cover my closed eyes and my ears at the same time.  And I guarantee you that you don’t want to see it.  OR hear it.

And on to more of Season Four:  

A friend of older daughter’s said that Season 4 would change my life.  There were no specifics mentioned, so I don’t know what to expect.  It is, however, possible that I might become, oh, just a wee bit overly concerned about Jesse, and then become so upset with what Walt has done to WRECK Jesse’s life that I forget that it is fiction and I get on a plane to Albuquerque and I hunt down Walter White like the animal he is and then I do whatever it takes so that I can pound him into the hot New Mexico desert sand.  Where he will stay for-EVER.

Watch this space.



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You've got the "yos" just like my husband when he was re-watching all the seasons before this new one started!!!