Saturday, March 29, 2014

Do You See a Seam?

No, you do not see a seam.

Because....I haz the skillz.

But mostly--- because I watched a Craftsy class on seaming and finishing and because I took off my cast in order to sew.  (Shhhh...)

The entire sweater is now sewn together and ready for the button bands.  And I even have the buttons.  

They do match.  The colors aren't showing true.

See?  They match.

I started knitting this sweater last August and it may actually be finished tomorrow.

Except for final blocking.  It seems as if there has always been an "except."

1 comment:

Sigrun said...

Lovely. I find it easier to flat block the pieces--seaming is so much easier, then you might either get away with blocking the finished project all together, or just minimally.