Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Baxter and I are in a sweetness coma. ...   ..  ...........  . . . . . ..... . . . ...

Sorry, I've recovered. I just made PW's rice pudding and as she promised, it is sweet, and then sweeter and then sweet some more AND DE-licious!

I made the topping as well, and that has a half cup of butter, a half cup of brown sugar and a half cup of corn syrup.  And some pecans.

And some bourbon. 

I think that the liquor store guy might think I have a little drinking problem. I knew that the recipe called for brandy, right?  So I went in the other day and asked for the smallest bottle of brandy that they sold, because it's for a recipe. But when I got home and looked at the recipe, I realized that I needed bourbon, not brandy. So today I went in looking for the smallest bottle of bourbon that they sell, because it's for a recipe.

wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Yes, the bottle is small enough to carry around in my pocket, but really, I did use it for the pudding and the topping. I soaked, as directed, a half a cup of raisins in a half a cup of BOURBON and then put them in the pudding.  I've never been a fan of raisins in pudding, but PW (we're besties, did I tell you?) guaranteed that raisins soaked in BOURBON, not brandy, are a whole different thing.  

Well, turns out, they're not.  But I can eat around them.  Ick.  

Other than the raisins, the pudding is delish but really, REALLY sweet. Baxter licked out the remainder in the dish, agreed it was sweet, and is currently searching for more.

(So where did wink, wink, nudge, nudge come from? First one to guess right gets a half a cup of previously-used bourbon-soaked raisins.)


Runner Dude said...

Yes, but can you remember which skit made if famous?

sallyknit said...

Monty Python I think but you can keep the raisins! I'd like some rice pudding but it doesn't sound like there is any left!